Hello Freshmen (specifically GES),

The Universitiy has organised a special preparatory math course in english for all those of you that don’t speak German yet, and GES and CS Students. AIW Students simply visit the normal, german math course in Audimax 1 (H Building).


It will run from Friday 29.09.2017 untill Friday 13.10.2017 (without weekend and 03.10, a holiday)

It will have lectures from 09.00 h to 11.40 h (with a break)

Example classes from 12.45 h untill 14.15 h

Discussion of the solutions from 14.30 h until 16.00 h


The Room is Building K, Room 0.506

Exercise sheet will be provided by the Professor, they don’t need to be downloaded and done in advance. For more information go to:


You may also enroll yourselfs in the maths lecture in studip called “Linear Algebra” given by “Francisco Hoecker-Escuti”.

If you don’t know how to do that, there is a step by step instruction on our facebookpage Fachschaftsrat AIW GES TUHH and our website www.aiw-ges.de


Your Student Council (FSR) AIW-GES

The goal of the Preparatory Mathematics Course is to aid first semester students at TUHH in their studies by reviewing and practicing basic mathematical concepts. This course is for GES and CI students as well as everyone else who would like to brush up his or her knowledge in mathematics. It is held as an English alternative to the German language „Mathematik Brückenkurs“.

The course consists of lectures in the morning and afternoon exercises to practice the covered material. At the end of each exercise session, solutions will be presented and explained.


The course will start on Tuesday, 29.09.2015, at 9:00 in building O, room 018.

There will be an introduction to various topics regarding your university life the day before. These events will be in German, though. If you are interested nonetheless, you can find additional information here.