The OE trip and the excursions are optional and a supplementary offer from us to you.
Like many of you have already noticed, the registration for the OE-trip from 20 - 22 October 2017 is via a form, which you get in the FSR room (building E-room 0.099). For the allocation of seats (limited to 60) the order when we have got the money (50 Euro) in our account is decisive.

The excursions in the OE week go to different companies, these cost nothing.
The information about these excursions and the possibility to register for them is on Monday, 16.10.2017 at our brunch at 11.00 in the LuK, Building A. For this you can not register in the FSR.


Note: There will be alcohl served, but you may very well not drink. Usually upto a third of the new students doesnt drink. 

         You wont be pressured into drinking. And please know your limits when you do drink!

Fr. 06.10.

Di. 10.10.

Mi. 11.10

13:30 – 14:45


Ab 19:00

Get Together im LuK

Ab 19:00

Get Together im LuK

Do. 12.10

Fr. 13.10.

Mo. 16.10

Ab 18:00

FSR-Evening im Caspari

Pub-Crawl in Hamburg

Ab 11:00

Brunch im LuK


14:45 – ca.17:15

StartING Kick-off

Di. 17.10.

Mi. 18.10.

Do. 19.10.

Ab 12:00



Ab 18:00

Celebration and BBQ


Ab 22:00

Ersti-Party in 

"Großen Freiheit 36"




Fr. 20.10.

Sa. 21.10.

So. 22.10.

 OE Weekend Tour

Meeting in Front of FSR






Freitag Dienstag 08.10.2015 Montag Dienstag Mittwooch Donnerstag Freitag
02.10.2015 06.10.2015 Donnerstag 12.10.2015 13.10.2015 14.10.2015 15.10.2015 16.10.2015

Mathe Vorkurs

14:00 Offizielle Begrüßung

Im Anschluss: Chill&Grill im LuK (Gebäude A. TUHH)


--> Kieztour

16:00 Gemeinsamer Abend aller Fachschaften im LuK

19:30 Fachschaftsabend ( Caspari, Lämmertwiete 6-10)

10:30 Brunch und Exkursionsanmeldung (Gebäude A,TUHH)

14:15-16.45: StartING Auftakt

10:00-13:00 Erstietaschenvergabe am Sand ( Harburg Rathaus)

10:30 Harburg- und Campusrallye

16:30 Grillen & Siegerehrung

22:30 Erstieparty im Hühnerposten

Exkursionen und Führungen

Abends: Kneipentour durch die Schanze

Exkursionen und Führungen 08:00 Abfahrt auf die OE - Fahrt

 updated on 01.10.

Hey Guys,

as every year the OE trip marks both, the end and the highlight of your first week at Uni. It's an 55 € all inclusive trip to a secret location where we're going to have one hell of a weekend. We'll provide you with everything necessary: food, shelter, tranpsortation and most import: enough beer!The only stuff you need to bring is everything you find necessary and a good attitude!

In the light of the last years events we decided to collect a 10 € deposit to pay for occuring damages.


How to participate?

Fill out this form and transfer the 65 € asap ( we'll send you the bank details with an seperate mail ).The places are limited so we can only take the first 55 people who transfered the money - so hurry up. Also, please note, that you can only get a refund if you cancel earlier than 48 before we leave. Otherwise you have to find a replacement yourself.

We'll meet at Friday 16.10. at Uni in front of Building E and will be back at Sunday 18.10 in the afternoon.