The OE trip and the excursions are optional and a supplementary offer from us to you.
Like many of you have already noticed, the registration for the OE-trip from 20 - 22 October 2017 is via a form, which you get in the FSR room (building E-room 0.099). For the allocation of seats (limited to 60) the order when we have got the money (50 Euro) in our account is decisive.

The excursions in the OE week go to different companies, these cost nothing.
The information about these excursions and the possibility to register for them is on Monday, 16.10.2017 at our brunch at 11.00 in the LuK, Building A. For this you can not register in the FSR.


On Tuesday 10.10. from 19.00 hrs onwards, is an get-together evening for all the students from all courses in the LuK, Building A. This is the northernmost building on the TU Campus, on the ground floor.

On Wednesday 11.10. from 19.00 hrs onwards is an game-play-evening at the LuK for all freshmen from all courses.

Most importantly:
On Thursday 12.10. is an evening from 18.00 hrs in the Harburg restaurant "Caspari", where the Student Council presents itself.
You will have the opportunity to get to know the members of the Student council and to ask questions. In addition, you can get to know better in a relaxed atmosphere with cocktails. This evening is only for AIW and GES students.

The address of Caspari is Lämmertwiete 6-10 in 21073 Harburg.
This is within walking distance of the S-Bahn Harburg-Rathaus, aboute 10 minutes. For this, you simply start at the S-Bahn Harburg-Rathaus, where the bus 142 departs, the walk in southern direction, past the market square "Sand" until you arrive at an underpass.
Directly before the underpass, turn right into the small cobblestone street. Here are many bars, also the Caspari.


Moin, tomorrow is the time. From 13.30 h to 14.45 h the semester opening ceremony is held at the Friedrich-Ebert Gymnasium (Alter Postweg 30, 21075 Harburg). This is very close to the university, about 5-10 minutes from building A on the north campus.

There are also all FSRe introducing themselves, including us. After the end of the celebration, we stand on the Place outside infront of the Entrance of the Gymnasium with our flag and we then go together with you to our Get-Together in the

Learning and Communication Center (LuK), in Building A of the TUHH.

There is food and drink (alcoholic aswell as non-alcoholic) available at student-friendly prices.
There you can register for the OE trip and the OE excursions. The AIW-bags with all sorts of useful things and the OE newspaper with a timetable and lots of usfull and funny information aboute the university will be handed out on Monday, when we have a brunch.

There will be lots of people from the FSR where you can ask all your questions.

Note: There will be alcohl served, but you may very well not drink. Usually upto a third of the new students doesnt drink. 

         You wont be pressured into drinking. And please know your limits when you do drink!

Fr. 06.10.

Di. 10.10.

Mi. 11.10

13:30 – 14:45


Ab 19:00

Get Together im LuK

Ab 19:00

Get Together im LuK

Do. 12.10

Fr. 13.10.

Mo. 16.10

Ab 18:00

FSR-Evening im Caspari

Pub-Crawl in Hamburg

Ab 11:00

Brunch im LuK


14:45 – ca.17:15

StartING Kick-off

Di. 17.10.

Mi. 18.10.

Do. 19.10.

Ab 12:00



Ab 18:00

Celebration and BBQ


Ab 22:00

Ersti-Party in 

"Großen Freiheit 36"




Fr. 20.10.

Sa. 21.10.

So. 22.10.

 OE Weekend Tour

Meeting in Front of FSR






Hello Freshmen (specifically GES),

The Universitiy has organised a special preparatory math course in english for all those of you that don’t speak German yet, and GES and CS Students. AIW Students simply visit the normal, german math course in Audimax 1 (H Building).


It will run from Friday 29.09.2017 untill Friday 13.10.2017 (without weekend and 03.10, a holiday)

It will have lectures from 09.00 h to 11.40 h (with a break)

Example classes from 12.45 h untill 14.15 h

Discussion of the solutions from 14.30 h until 16.00 h


The Room is Building K, Room 0.506

Exercise sheet will be provided by the Professor, they don’t need to be downloaded and done in advance. For more information go to:

You may also enroll yourselfs in the maths lecture in studip called “Linear Algebra” given by “Francisco Hoecker-Escuti”.

If you don’t know how to do that, there is a step by step instruction on our facebookpage Fachschaftsrat AIW GES TUHH and our website


Your Student Council (FSR) AIW-GES