You're a second semester AIW/GES student and don't have a single clue what specialization to choose?

Or are you graduating soon and want to see what being an engineer is really like?

Then this is exactly what you've been looking for!

From this Thursday on the FSR AIW/GES will be hosting the "Welt der Ingenieure". Every week we'll invite one engineer to talk about his daily routine, career and the perspectives and possibilities his field has to offer.
Afterwards you have the opportunity to ask questions or start a discussion.

The first talk will take place every thursday at 18:00 in room A01.19.1.



Datum Specialzation Speaker Company
21.05 EUT Andreas Schwarz Aqua Consulting
04.06 Schiffbau Robert Sehmisch Blohm & Voss
11.06 EUT/ET/MB Astrid Krösser Lichtblick SE
18.06 VT Thies Langmaack Bunge
25.06 MB/Luftfahrt Enno Stöver Airbus
02.07 MedIng/ET Christian Findeklee   Philips Medical
09.07 BauIng Olaf Drude  WK Consult