Die folgende Nachricht betrifft nur jene Studenten, welche die Klausur der Vorlesung "Stochastische Prozesse" (4 ECTS) noch bestehen müssen.

Die Information zur Klausur werden in einer neuen Stud.IP-Veranstaltung gesammelt:


Meldet euch bitte an, damit ihr Updates bzw. Nachrichten bekommen könnt.

Vielen Dank,
Francisco Hoecker-Escuti

Dear students,

this message just concerns those of you who still have to pass the exam for the lecture 'Stochastic Processes' (4 ECTS).

Information concerning the exam are collected in a new Stud.IP group:


Please register for it so we can keep you updated and send you messages.

Thank you, 
Francisco Hoecker-Escuti

Learning a foreign language while studying can be difficult, especially in another country and if you have to work (or party a lot ;).
At the same time, studying German in Germany has many benefits if you take advantage of them. This guide is meant to help you do just that!

Download this file (Learning_German_TUHH_v1.1.pdf)Learning_German_TUHH_v1.1.pdf[Learning German for International Students at TUHH]537 kB

Finding an affordable room for students in Hamburg is not easy. With more than 7 higher educational institutions and 80’000 students, the housing situation is less than ideal. You should start looking early and never be too picky. A short-term accommodation is still better than sleeping on the central station ;). The links provided have much more information, so check them out and read them carefully. With that in mind, we hope you find this guide helpful for your search!

Download this file (Housing_Guide_TUHH_v2.1.pdf)Housing_Guide_TUHH_v2.1.pdf[Housing Guide for international Students]443 kB